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Business coaching deep dive
February 22, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Jo Ellen Newman, CEO - Transforming Your Tomorrows, LLC

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or someone who has decades of experience in the business world, you’ll know just how frustrating developing yourself into that successful business person can be. Feeling overwhelmed and lacking that spark that brought you toward your business in the first place are common experiences among aspiring successful people. One way to push through these experiences and further your success is by working with a business coach . My years of experience in helping young entrepreneurs and professionals either in the local markets or nationwide has resulted in businesses achieving financial and operational improvements in their business as well as reaching a sense of peace and confidence traversing such a journey.

First, what does business coaching involve?

Developing a business and helping it grow often requires an abundance of creativity and unwavering confidence. Whether your venture is new or you feel as though it’s plateauing, it can help to hire a business coach to help you spark change.

My approach to business coaching draws on analysis, logic and the laws of attraction tools. While working with you, I’ll use my expertise as a business coach to:

  • Help you take a solutions-focused approach to your business rather than ruminating on problems.
  • Introduce the idea of Future Mapping, which involves digging beneath the tip of your problems’ iceberg and discovering hidden obstacles for you to overcome.
  • Developing a team-focused approach that results in an engaged and energetic environment brimming with creativity.
  • Create a clear vision for your career and your business with the aim of creating a hope-filled future you know you can strive for.

As a former Registered Nurse who has climbed the corporate ladder to Vice-President, I am entrusted with training and developing individuals or businesses on various career growth strategies, communication skills or even confidence building. My career history is steeped with operational management and relationship development that may involve not just the logical business approach but also the law of attraction or metaphysical sciences. I focus on helping my clients create new neural pathways that allow for lifelong change. Whether you’re a physician, entrepreneur, or another type of professional, I’m confident I can help.

Why hire a professional business coach?

Business coaches effect real change in culture, operations and financial improvements and having an external professional’s opinion can only accelerate your success. While you’re struggling with the day-to-day aspects of developing your career or business, you may lose sight of that end goal or perhaps forget why you are working so hard. Expect to have a coach who listens to your concerns, helps you experience your own breakthroughs of doubt and confusion to reach clarity and help you achieve sustained momentum toward that big vision. 

Upon meeting with you, I’ll begin creating a custom-tailored and effective business coaching program that will help you redevelop your path to success. The anticipated timescale of this program will vary according to your current requirements and ongoing commitments. But, rest assured, with my skills you will find success in record time. 

Revealing untapped potential for you, your colleagues, and employees

I’m a firm believer that everyone has untapped potential hidden within them. Using sound business practices and the resetting of neural pathways, it’s possible to break down personal obstacles to create the working life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’ve suffered multiple failures in the past or you’re panicking about one in the future, creating change is possible.

In addition to working on a one-on-one basis, I can provide team business coaching. Depending on the nature of your organization, this may require leadership workshops, strategic planning, or an introduction to teamwork that’s truly effective.

If you feel as though your workplace could do with an inspiring morale boost, turn to me for inspirational speaking. There’s a reason we seek out memorable events, books or messages. They offer balance to the chaos often found in the stresses of running a business. Once you’re able to reconnect to that joy, you’ll experience a harmonious workplace that’s conducive to success.

With an intensive business coach such as myself, you have the chance to work through frustrations and break through obstacles, remember your infinite potential and achieve success with my 12- point plan for business success.

To learn more about how deep dive business coaching could benefit your career or business, click this link to schedule your complimentary 30-minute “Business Burn” session.