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    This is a breakthrough program that turns your imagination into reality.  Future-mapping incorporates altruism with imagination to generate ideas, spark creativity and find solutions to your vexing problems.  This is another whole-brain tool that moves your self-interested ego out of the way to create the future self to be the one you’ve always wanted.    **Program trainings to create each chart is a minimum of 2 hours, generally more time is required for longer planning goals.

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    Leadership Development 

    This career performance coaching program focuses on improving communication skills; reducing fear and stress; building confidence; identifying & setting clear priorities and a team mindset not because of a position but because one is a LEADER. Participants will be led through constructive criticism, managing the difficult employee and delegating with confidence. Various tools will be incorporated from Future-mapping, EFT (tapping), secret business tips and role-playing. This program supports the manager in also understanding the needs of a work-life balance to be the A player employee. Companies will benefit by creating a cohesive team by having a confident and committed leader.

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    Strategic Planning

    Future-mapping or Mind-Mapping tools support an indepth process to support problem-solving, creating clarity for a vision when doing strategic planning. This method ensures all viewpoints are understood and in context to design; fuels energy and enthusiasm into a project and enhances efficiency resulting in improved productivity of your team or individual. FM or MM discovers the UNTAPPED potential – it’s exposing the ice not visible on the iceberg. This amazing brain tool benefits the company working to thrive beyond previously expected. Break your glass ceiling – Yes You Can!

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    Inspirational Speaking

    My mission is to share that we OWN the power within ourselves to solve life’s vexing challenges. After all, just look at our history and how far we have come. Imagine how far we can go by eliminating fear, self-doubt or indecision today. Leading you or a team through my specialty of using left-brain/right-brain (aka analytical and creative) methodologies will evoke new thoughts producing new outcomes. There isn’t a problem larger than our ability to solve it. Call today for a free consultation and learn how I can benefit your organization break through financial struggles, apathy and more. Be inspired! Soar to your true potential & leave the fears behind.

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    Business Coaching

    Imagine having a strategic planning session that supports problem-solving, creates increased clarity and ensures all viewpoints are understood resulting in a laser-focused action plan that supports your vision for increased growth and sustainability. To spark change you need new tools. Future-mapping is just one tool that dives beneath the iceberg to discover hidden agendas or obstacles and regains a ‘team-think’ so participants are fueled with energy & focus.

    I also specialize in leadership development; individual and team coaching services that support reducing overwhelm, increasing productivity, enhancing effective communication to build a ‘team think’ attitude. With either of these programs, you, your leaders and staff will achieve an improved culture of cooperation and collaboration.

  • Teamwork 

    This program teaches the newest tools in supporting the overwhelmed individual or team when confronted with competing projects struggling for time. Each participant will learn specific and deliberate performance strategies to support them feeling more in control of their life, such as learning AM & PM habits that ‘book-end’ their days, ‘team think’ vs ‘my’ needs thinking using exercise techniques that are used by authors, business owners and executives around the world. Implementing these tools on a consistent basis create an organized and focused employee who also can recognize the need for synchronicity of a team requiring high performance productivity. These are life-changing tools that assist the individual in achieving their personal mastery while building a better ‘team think’ approach.

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    Effective Communication

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