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When Small Businesses Have Challenges, Consultants Have Solutions
August 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Transforming Your Tomorrows, LLC

Small business owners start their companies because they have a specific skill set. They know how to produce a superior product or to supply a useful service. Most of those employees whom they first bring on to the team likely have skills that relate to the core functions of the business, not so much administration.

Small- to medium-sized businesses, however, rarely enjoy the capability to employ enough people with specific backgrounds and skills in business administration to perform precise administrative functions. Not surprisingly, then, our experience as a business consultant has taught us that these businesses often face challenges on the administrative end.

Consulting firms like ours, however, make those specialized skills their business. They know how to help clients to overcome typical administrative challenges.

A Few Issues That Can Challenge Small Businesses

Small businesses can face several obstacles that lie in the way of successfully building their market and earning profits. Outside perspectives can provide insight that can help to guide the company down a more successful path. Here are only a few situations with which we can help.


The likelihood of business growth presents challenges and questions that smaller operations lack experience in tackling. How, and in what ways should the business structure change? How many people does the business need to hire, and what skills should they have? Should you try to expand your geographic market to capture more customers, gaining additional revenue and challenges at the same time?

If a small business ownership team knows a lot about making widgets and less about business administration, we can assess your business's situation and suggest a sustainable growth plan. 

Strategic Planning

Businesses that invest time and money into strategic planning understand that even if they successful for a long time, the economy can change, markets can shift, technology can kill some businesses while opening the door to other opportunities. Strategic planning anticipates the future and incorporates ways to deal with the unexpected. 

Leadership Development

Some people seem born with the talent to lead. Others cultivate leadership techniques over time. Unfortunately, many business people do not have superior leadership skills that help them inspire their staff, make wise and decisive decisions, communicate effectively, and enhance their team’s ability to grow and succeed.

You need leadership in times of crisis and change. Leadership entails inspiring confidence, making informed and decisive decisions, and maintaining focus on priorities. We can help you and your leadership team to cultivate and to develop these qualities.

Fortunately, you can learn leadership like any other skill. Experienced consultants can help you to develop skills in a workshop or classroom-style setting, giving you and your team the edge over your competition.

How Consultants Can Help

Provide an objective perspective: Outside consultants can help your business by adding an objective perspective. Often, businesses lack insight because they see flaws every day and do not recognize them as such. This is not a deficiency in intelligence or ability as much as it is human nature. No matter how good you are at what you do, it's nearly impossible for you to assess your business objectively.

Discover new ways for your business to thrive: Consultants can also help you discover what former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld referred to as “unknown unknowns.” This refers to information vital to your business that you have no idea even exists. For example, many small businesses aspiring to contract for the federal government have no inkling of government programs created specifically to benefit small businesses.

To sum up, consultants help small- and medium-sized businesses learn more about information that can help their businesses grow and compete. While owners and staff can certainly learn the same information on their own, it detracts from time and attention on core functions. Consultants --like us--save time and money when they bring their perspectives, experience, and knowledge to your overall effort. 

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